A City That Never Sleeps

Kunming, the city with lush greenery and gorgeous flowers all year round, is not just a transfer destination in Yunnan Province, but a rather slow-paced, yet exciting city in Southwest China. Here, we have gathered five scenic spots in this spring city for you and your family, especially seniors, who might prefer getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to find a quiet space to chill in Kunming.

Located at the foot of Luofeng Hill and the western part of Wuhua Hill, Cuihu (Green Lake) Park was named as “Cai Hai Zi”, meaning a sea of vegetables. It is said that there were nine water springs on the northeastern of the lake, therefore it also used to be called “Jiu Long Chi”, which stands for “a pond with nine dragons”. And today, due to its abundance of verdure, people call it Cuihu, or Green Lake. There is a saying goes like: You cannot have the authentic experience of Kunming unless you make a day trip to Cuihu.

Being the largest fresh water in Yunnan Province, Dianchi Lake is also the sixth largest of its sort in China. Surrounded by several scenic spots, such as Xishan (West Hills) Forest Park and Yunnan Nationalities Village, Dianchi Lake enjoys astonishing view in different seasons from different angles. You can walk around Haigeng Park or simply take a cable car from the foot to the top of the West Hills. During winter, the Dianchi Dam is one of the top spots to appreciate the red beak sea gulls from Siberia.

Get There

Kunming Changshui International Airport is China's gateway to Southeast Asia, South Asia and the gateway to Europe and Asia airport. Kunming Changshui International Airport is China's first 7 throughput of more than 20 million of the airport, opening domestic, international and regional routes more than 100.

Get Around

The best way to travel around Kunming is by Metro, taxi or by Public Bus. Be prepared, though, to meet traffic jams, especially when travelling during peak hours and into business districts.

It is advisable therefore to choose a hotel near the location where you will have your meeting or business appointments or to the attraction or destination you wish to visit. Distances in Kunming are far and there are frequent traffic snarls.